Sick eye ….oh the pain!

My life

i wake up to find my eye in pain and red. Omgosh this hurts a lot I hate eye doctors but this  hurts a lot. So I can’t play dammit edit: 1/23/18 I went to the doctor and he prescribe me some drops and rest the eye. So no more playing for now. Still I’m […]

January 22, 2018

Can’t sleep? Play a game! Blustone on my iPad


Hello guys! Is 2:42 am and I can’t sleep for no reason, I’m tired but I can’t sleep… so I take my iPad and open blustone , this is your typical héroes team game but it is so cute with your kawai chibi style héroes or hunters and the music is catchy . The gameplay […]

January 20, 2018

Hello there!


Hello there! Welcome to my new and shiny blog! Where I will share my deepest secrets and desires! Just kidding! There is no content for now but I hope with time that will change. Thanks for coming

January 18, 2018