Can’t sleep? Play a game! Blustone on my iPad

Games / Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Hello guys! Is 2:42 am and I can’t sleep for no reason, I’m tired but I can’t sleep… so I take my iPad and open blustone , this is your typical héroes team game but it is so cute with your kawai chibi style héroes or hunters and the music is catchy . The gameplay is easy just click like a maniac for your hero to attack and click his teammates to help him with skills. You can train them, level up their skills and get more héroes by events and other things, can’t remember right now. It get kinda grinding to level up your héroes like any other game and yes it has cash stuff that can help in gameplay . But since I’m in no rush I don’t invest money in free games. But I like the game.